Accessible fecal

microbiome transplant

We make fecal microbiome transplantation accessible
to fight dysbiosis in chronic enteropathies
to make cats and dogs happier, and their owners and veterinarians too

Are you a veterinarian?

Capsule Pet FMT

Lyophilized capsules

A simple, effective and safe way to do fecal microbiome transplantation in enteropathic dogs and cats.

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Report Test Microbioma Pet

Test Microbioma Pet

Microbiome analysis specific for enteropathic dogs and cats, to characterize the type of dysbiosis.

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FMT training

Support and advice, webinars and training courses on fecal microbiome transplantation (FMT).

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Are you a dog or cat owner?

Is your pet enteropatic?

Learn about fecal transplant

Bruno and Frimousse are only 2 of the more than 100 animals with chronic enteropathy who have undergone the transplant with the capsules. Most of them have found well-being thanks to the rebalancing of the intestinal flora.

Is your pet very healthy?

Become a donor!

Achille and Ettore are microbiome donors. From their feces, we take the "healthy microbiome" that becomes healthy pills for sick pets. Thanks to them, and their owners, many dogs and cats are doing better.

Are you a researcher?

  • Do you have a microbiome project in mind but don't have the skills?

  • Do you have a fecal transplant project but don't want to waste time producing the material?

  • Are you interested in data and samples from the Pet FMT project?

We share our know-how, our experience in research and development, including in scientific publications, in the microbiome field with research institutions and companies.
We want to enhance our databases and sample banks collected during the Pet FMT Project, so that we can create knowledge.We collaborate as a partner in funded research projects.

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Pet FMT project

It is the gateway to fecal transplantation for veterinarians and owners.

Objectives of the project

  1. Make fecal microbiome transplant (FMT) accessible to those who can benefit from it

  2. To help raise knowledge about FMT in dogs and cats and make it an increasingly effective tool

The Pet FMT Project is an open and collaborative project, unique in Europe.

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The project is approved by the OPBA of the University of Padua (protocol n.369551 dated 07/31/2020).

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